Simple HTML5 Template For Repair Services - Review

The shifts in web design composition are slow, but they’re worth focusing on while preparing for the process of mobile-first indexing. This refers to a term used to describe Google’s predominant use of mobile version as well as most of its content to fulfill indexing and ranking needs.

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Based on past records, this index utilized the desktop versions of the content of a page, mainly, while assessing the importance of a page to individual queries. Due to the sheer majority of users who currently access Google through a mobile device, the index will mostly make use of the mobile versions of the said page’s content. Thanks to mobile-first indexing, Google bot searches and indexes all pages with the smartphone agent which transitions sites slowly to ensure a good experience for site owners and site visitors.

Mobirise and its Simple HTML5 Template

Mobirise is a free offline application which enables the creation of a small or medium website and also creates sophisticated mobile-friendly websites for Windows and Mac. Moonrise ensures that the creation of websites and ads are constantly fast, beautiful and high-performing across all devices and distribution platforms.

AMP themes have all that is needed to efficiently set up a professional, outstanding and a high-quality website. It is great to introduce your business online, and no other platform aids such prospects as Mobrise. With its predesigned blocks and templates which are extremely simple to customize, virtually anyone can build a webpage from scratch. Mobirise workshop AMP Theme takes all the work of the website building tasks, without the need for users to possess any prior knowledge of coding.

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WorkshopAMP Simple HTML5 Template

The Workshop AMP theme has a commanding, modern, attractive and engaging side to it. It is indeed a wonderfully convenient and a time-saving solution.

Excellent blocks

Workshop AMP theme Blocks are designed with the most recent trends within web design spheres, and offer exceptional levels of flexibility, many thanks to a plethora of customizable options. workshop AMP theme has lots of customizable blocks such as Menus, Contacts & Footers, Team & Testimonials, Call to Action, Features, Articles, Gallery & Slider and Headers & Parallax.

simple html5 template

When using this Simple HTML5 Template, the customization of your desired preferences tends to become a seamless process as the Parameters Panel which can be accessed by clicking the blue "gear" button at the top right corner of every block ensures an easy and flexible block setup, which also ensures easy navigation.

How it works

Setting up a workshop AMP website is pretty easy to execute, all you have to do is follow the steps below;

  • Start with creating your new website and choose the Simple HTML5 Template.
  • Next, develop the blocks panel which has a large red cross-like button located at the lower right corner of your screen. Now you may begin the process of dragging blocks.
  • You can then edit the content of each block based on your preferences, you can also add media files to your webpage by clicking on the displayed media elements on the web build page.

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  • Next, set up the appropriate options in the Parameters Panel which can be accessed through the blue "gear" icon.
  • To have a feel of how your website may look on the mobile view, simply click on the "Mobile View" icon to see a preview of your website in mobile view format.
  • Finally, you can now preview and publish your finished website to your local drive, FTP or free Github Pages.


  1. Much Better Performance and Engagement: - Websites and ads published with the AMP open-source format tend to load up almost instantaneously, ensuring a smooth and engaging browsing experience on all platforms.
  2. More Mobile Traffic: -Over the years, it has become increasingly paramount for companies and business ventures to have websites which perform efficiently on mobile devices given the increased usage of mobile devices over the past decade. This makes workshop AMP theme among other Mobrise themes the perfect optimizing the Simple HTML5 Template which has a mobile version incorporated into the website builder.

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  1. Faster Loading Web pages: - Due to the rather short attention spans of the average individual today, web pages which may take longer than three seconds to completely load may suffer from high rates of potential customer redirection. Workshop AMP HTML5 basic template is a very responsive and simple HTML5 template which inculcates up-to-date performance techniques which include caching and responsive image display in a bid to help improve the websites loading speed.
  2. Lower Bounce Rates! – Thanks to high levels of engagement enjoyed on websites built using Mobirise free Bootstrap templates, most website visitors will most likely stick around after viewing the first page, effectively boosting website engagement and lowering the bounce rate.


Workshop AMP theme is a very responsive theme which takes little or no effort in customizing and utilizes the AMP theme platform.

This also the page super fast, efficient, simple and attractive. It has highly sophisticated graphics and its worth the hype.