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When we would think back to the 90s, we remember the web-development of these times appealed to Flat Designs and visiting a site was strictly aimed at business. Nothing fun at all to keep you hanging on web pages. Unlike building a responsive appealing looking web page to engross your imagination as we have today, flat design was only meant to forward messages and nothing entertaining than the bland text, dull numbers and that’s all!

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Below are trendy web trends to jig up your memory.

1. Common User Interface (UI) Patterns

One thing only we can confidently say of websites today is similarity; all looking alike suggesting they were constructed by the same responsive website builder, but No! It is so because people are able now to arrange their websites thanks to the utilizing of website creation software like WP and Themes.

Below are several patterns that help website similarities:

  • Hero images
  • The hamburger menu
  • Long scroll
  • Account registration

2. Rich Animations

The use of animation in web building to bring your ideas alive and tell the story has also facilitated making website standout.

Here are types of animations groups:

  • Large scale animations
  • Small scale animations

3. Use of icons

The applying of active response icons and buttons has improved website UX and interactivity. Clicking the LIKE or social media buttons has vastly improved website responsiveness and engagement with users.

4. Material Design

The material design gives your website's environment true life experience.

5. Responsive web development

Modern web building now has to do with responsive design as a main benchmark. It gives the ability to keep your user on a site for conversion and sale. Capacity to have your web pages appear visibly on all internet enabled devices is the major criteria of responsive web development.

Modern web building now has to do with responsive website builders as a main benchmark.

How to develop own websites

The season of web building for techies is over; building a website today is a question of knowing and following established steps as outlined below:

1. Choose a web host

You need a web host to provide you with space to their server to retain your website resources like pages, documents, images required for your web-site.

2. Get unique Domain

You need to have at your command a website with an unique name for it, which is termed as a domain name. It's written like - – and showcases your website address on the internet.

3. Website Planning

Web planning means making steps and decisions necessary to put up your website, like the kind of site suitable for your business.

4. Website development

Site building involves bringing using a web building tool to create and design a website that is best for your business.

5. Publishing Your Website

After building by yourself a nicely looking site, it's high time to go live. Publish your website to put it online.

6. Website Maintenance

The final and ongoing activity in your site is maintenance: to continiously renovate and refress your site's pages in order to attract and engage more visitors.

Best Free Website Builders

Web development tools

Website technology is growing, so are the Design and Development tools; below a few to know.

  • Synchronized Testing Tool: This tool helps you to test your website on multiple devices without handing to do that separately for each device.
  • CSS Pre-processors: CSS tools help to control the visual look and effect of your site.
  • Development Toolkit: It brings all your favorite and best development tools in one place.
  • Task Runner: It helps to automate repetitive tasks making the web build faster and less tedious.
  • Template Engine: you can use this to manage multiple page creation to reduce stress.

Popular responsive drag and drop website builders on market

Many web creation software are on the market, but I find the ones listed below as top on my list, including Mobirise.

  • WordPress: WP offers rich web building experience and ranks high among most popular site builders today.
  • Weebly: Weebly is an excellent choice for creating a professionally cool website.
  • SiteBuilder: Sitebuilder has been around for a while and the most intuitive web builders offering high value.
  • Wix: A highly rated site builder to choose if you need flexibility and a great platform for e-commerce site building.
  • Squarespace: An artist-friendly easy website builder useful for people in the creative industry.

Mobirise description/overview

I have discussed quite a mouthful web building applications, but Mobirise is here to give you relief if you doubt your ability to build a website.

Mobirise is an offline web building tool runs on Windows, Mac, and Androids. It is starter friendly software useful for creating basic websites, landing pages, personal services promotion pages.

Things to note about Mobirise

  • Easy-to-use friendly interface, designed for Minimalist
  • Mobile-friendly comes, innovative and website techniques and blocks
  • It is free to use including all purpose use.

Building a website with Mobirise

Mobirise is a WYSIWYG a bootstrap 4 free site creation software easy for a newbie to building mobile friendly websites.

Creating a website with Mobirise takes the following simple steps:

1. Install Mobirise application

Before using Mobirise free site creation software, download and install a free copy of the software. Go here to download.

2. Launch Mobirise

After a successful installation, locate and click the application launch icon on the desktop.

3. The Blocks

Mobirise comes with friendly visual user interface tools called blocks to build your web pages; it’s a pick, drag, and drop tool to create relevant pages.

Mobirise is a WYSIWYG a bootstrap 3 web building application easy for a newbie to building mobile friendly websites.

4. Mobirise menu

Mobirise menu is simple, just only a few panels and buttons to navigate and click.

5. Adding pages

Clicking the addition sign (+) button, on the bottom right side of the screen, pops up the block panel, these blocks help to build your website pages, as you drag and drop. Select your preferred block from the pop-up panel, drag and drop in the work area and adjust accordingly using appropriate block settings.

You can change attributes for each block, like font color, size, and link to another page or website. You can clone existing page to save valuable time when you need an additional page sharing similar attributes.

6. Website Preview

When you add the pages, they update automatically. After you are have created your first few pages, preview your site in a browser to see how it looks.

7. Publish your site

After editing creating and editing hit the publish button, in the upper-right part of the screen, to publish your website. There are two choices to publish: either publish to a local folder, FTP server or Google Drive.


The majority of Mobirise users see it as the perfect tool to build their websites; mostly business people who need a minimal website to host their businesses and promote their services.

Using Mobirise comes with familiarity with the application; with time, more improvement will come to improve the application for sweeter user experience. Yea, I can tell that’s the way it goes.

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