Mobirise HTML Builder to Make Your Competition Envy

Mobirise html website builder is an offline application that is well-suited for Mac and Windows platforms. People like you and I can use this app to understand how we can set up a web page for both smaller and average companies, portfolios, and landing pages. Well, not that long ago, they launched their latest and updated version, which has exceptional features for the users. Let’s have a look at it in the latest version.

HTML Builder

Mobirise 5v

When you compare the latest version of Mobirise with the last version Mobirise 4, you can easily see that the HTML Builder has come a long way with advanced features and technology. I will give detail about the characteristics in the latter half of the article.

The bootstrap version of Mobirise version 5 has been upgraded to 4.5.0, and the jQuery version has moved up to version 3.5.1. Everything in the new version is updated, more accessible, and provides better features to you.

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Dark Theme

To your surprise, the HTML Mobirise html editor wysiwyg comes with a dark mode feature; however, at installation, it comes with the light theme. Moreover, you get a new default template that has improved features to emphasize the appeal of a fresh website.


Mobirise editor de html gratuito has an incredibly simple yet beautiful and understandable interface. You can get your hands on all the editing tools right on the main window, and you can change everything from here.

HTML Editor

Faster Loading

With the new version, you will get a faster loading speed. Through this feature, it allows you to get to your goal faster. The brand new engine in the new version gives it more power than the previous one to make things happen faster.

No Coding Required

The Mobirise editeur html comes with a drag-and-drop tool that enables you to move the content here and there with ease, and you do not have to do any kind of coding to make changes. While even if you want to add pages in your website, you can add them manually, without writing a single line of code.

HTML Builder

Populating a page

Well, in Mobirise html editor gratuito, you can easily add blocks, reveal the section, and scroll through the list which you find interested. You can adjust every category on the page, and you can scroll through the list easily.

Complete Customization

You have the complete power over the page to customize it, and you can edit the text on the page easily. You can change the style and size of the font easily through this HTML Builder.

Mobirise 5v even allows you to change the images, crop them, adjust them right on the page when you are working with all the other stuff.

Preview Option

When you are done building your website, and before the launch, you want to see how it would look to a visitor coming to the page, the preview option comes handy.

You can access the preview option through the toolbar, and it lets you toggle it to check the responsive design of your website for both mobile and desktop versions.

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The HTML Builder comes with extensions, which actually makes your work easy. The extensions are as follow:

  • Code Editor: It is available in the site settings, and you can add the HTML language tag in it with code snippets to the various parts of your page. This feature has a global property, which means it will add the code to all pages in the project.
  • Theme: Although it comes with a default theme, you can change it anytime. You can set a different theme for each of your projects.

Extra Features

You can create your galleries in the HTML Builder to get access to the images faster to upload them on the websites that you are making.

It comes with Google Maps, which allows you to add the location feature directly on your website of all of your offices.

So far, all the bugs related to images uploading issues, background image issues, and much are resolved.

mobirise website builder


You are not going to get a better, customization-friendly, and feature-rich application for building your website for any purpose. It comes with unique features that do not require any coding skills, and you can create a landing page or a responsive website with ease.

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