Google HTML Template to Build Top Sites With in 2021

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a joint project by Google and Twitter to enhance website development like with this tool. In the 21st century, a website is not optional if you are thinking of getting anywhere with business. It is not only the standard of every business field but the expectation of your target market. Before anyone decides to pay for a product, researching online is usually the first step. Your presence is enough to boost confidence in people and turn them to potential customers.

Websites are for not only marketing products and services but also interacting with clients. You need to get constant feedback and address client concerns. While AMP enhances website development, you need a background of coding skills as well as knowledge on HTML and AMP JS, which is a challenge to many. This is why you need Mobirise.

About Mobirise

Mobirise is an app that helps in creating websites. You don’t have to be skilled in web development or experienced in the tech field, it is an automatic website builder application. Optimizing websites for mobile devices is the highlight of this application. Mobirise is accused of stripping HTML its relevance; however, its bootstrap 3 framework is based on HTML structures.

AMP HTML theme

The primary goal of AMP is to improve the user experience when accessing websites. Google marks Amps and ranks them top on the first page of search results. Users with a poor connection can still access websites and enjoy clear views with help of AMP. Mobirise application ensures you can create such websites effectively and efficiently; this application saves you time and money for paying a developer. Usually, people are impatient when browsing; delays in load time means you are losing potential customers because they will try a different site. Also, most people access internet using tablets and smartphones; it is important to optimize your display features to suit such user needs.

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AMP Themes

There are numerous themes while creating an AMP site using Mobirise. As the website developer with full knowledge of your business goals and target audience, you can choose a suitable Google HTML template and automatically apply it on your site. If you prefer to customize then you might want to go manual, the coding way. However, Mobirise is sufficient; the free AMP template are diverse and you won’t miss one relating to your business filed and design preferences.

Bootstrap Google template

Some of the popular themes include; Black AMP Site template, EventAMP, ArchitectAMP, RealtyM4, ResumeAMP, WeddingAMP, FitnessAMP, Beauty AMP responsive template, HandymanAMP, StartupAMP, SoundAMP, LightAMP, SpaceAMP, BusinessM4, HotelM4, CommercialM4 among others.

The most popular in the food business is the OrganicAMP theme.

OrganicAMP theme

If you are thinking of establishing a food store or grocery store online, this is tailored for you. The Google HTML template customizes your website to bring out the natural look. Whether your business focus is on healthy diets, nutrition, cooking, or vegetarian foods, OrganicAMP Google HTML template is the best. The images and colors used are mouth-watering. If you have been in healthy diet and nutrition field for a long time then you understand the challenge and wrong perception about diet. Most people perceive it as a deprivation and boring life.

HTML AMP template

Of course, part of your role as an entrepreneur in the industry is to convince your target market on why they need your products and services. In this case, people should be convinced of eating healthy; fruits and vegetables should dominate the dining table. I know it is not easy to change the mindset of people when all they crave for is grilled chicken and chocolates. This is where you need the vegetarian Google HTML template. The graphics and colors create a warm environment that stimulates positivity towards a healthy lifestyle.

Excellent blocks

Mobirise site builder presents incredible tabs as options for customizing your website. While it depends on the Google HTML template you choose to apply to your business website, there are universal blocks that are available in all themes. The OrganicAMP theme allows you to play around with graphics and orientation of images depending on your business goals. The blocks allow you to customize a website by including specific information about your business location, services, and other extras that are necessary to turn visitors on your site to potential customers.

free bootstrap templates

Some of the website blocks include; features, header, footer, social, menus, image, light and box images, content, contacts, and toggles. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is not enough, you should use these blocks to build an attractive site that is directly linked to revenue.

How it works

To use Mobirise, all you have to do is download it free and install. You do not need guidelines on how to use the website builder. Once you launch it, click on the “start” button to choose various options based on HTML functions as a basis of your website. It is automatic, no coding skills required; all you do is select themes and insert content where necessary.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent choice of blocks
  • Suitable for newbies in need of mobile websites
  • It is free


The website builder allows you to create an unlimited number of websites with different themes.

Whether you are developing from scratch or customizing your landing page and promo website, Mobirise has all the necessary tools.