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Why do I get "Wrong email or password" error in form css?

Q: Hello! I entered my email address and the password you sent to me and I get an error each time. So, I am unable to activate the program. Here is what I have been doing:

I open the program, and go to "Upgrade to Full Version". First there is a screen which prompts you to enter your activation key. Next there is a screen to enter your email address. And then a screen comes up which has the email filled in and a space for the password to be entered. However, at the top of the screen the error message appears "Wrong email or password".
When I enter the password that you have sent to me, the next error message I get is "Username and password is incorrect!" So, I am unable to activate the program. I have tried this twenty or more times and no success. Sometimes it comes up with "Unknown Error".....

Can you please explain what I should do next?

A: This error message may appear when you try to switch the account or install Formoid app. on another computer. You should enter the email address and password for your account on Notice that the password and the registration key are not the same and the password is unique for each email address. Click "Forgot password" button and it'll be sent to the email address you entered.