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Formoid is a free desktop app that helps you easily create web form design, contact forms, html5 form, jquery mobile form and more in a few seconds without writing a single line of code. Create killer online forms in just a few clicks.

Formoid has the best comparison - hope you can do better than that.

Q: Hi guys,
I’ve just tried the preliminary demo of <keyw id=0/>. Immediately, because I’ve ran into several people lately,
asking me how to develop their <keyw id=1/> themselves. I’ve been working with Acrobat, LivecycleDesigner, and FormsCentral.
Formoid php contact form has the best comparison with Formscentral, but I hope you can do better than that.
My suggestions would be:
•When a file has been chosen to upload, give a confirmation of the chosen file. By text or by thumbnail. Or both.
•Where is the data stored? Would this work on a database on your server, or even beter: can I configure it to work on my own server? There you would beat FormsCentral.
•Give me some more design tools: not one font size, but more. Give me color libraries, templates, more fonts, gradients, even pictures to place in the background.
•I would love fields to do some calculations for me (FormCentral doesn’t).
•I would love fields to validate input (date between given period of time, amount larger than x, etc)
•I hope for a scale (set to 3 to 7 steps from bad to excellent for example)
•I hope there’s going to be form logic, where certain fields are left out because of certain given answers in other fields.
•split the form into several parts including a progress bar
•What does a button do? I don’t see any interface to define actions
Keep up the good work. It looks promising!

Kind regards,
Peter M.

A: Thank you for your interest in our products.

You can use your own server and our server-side PHP code (backend). Your form will be saved and processed on your server in this case. Our backend make validation of submitted
information and send it at email address that you specified in application.

To add the form to your page you should:
a) Upload files generated with Formoid app. on your php server.
b) Use link to .php file (generated with Formoid) as link to your form.

Notice that if you want to use this method, your server should support PHP.

We appreciate your suggestions and will send them to our developer team.