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Formoid is a free desktop app that helps you easily create php contact form, templates website, php form validation, bootstrap form validation and more in a few seconds without writing a single line of code. Create stunning online forms in just a few clicks.

There should be options for different colors, fonts

Q: I tried and tested your product Here is my review on it.
Good Things:Nice and easy to use, good interface
Now there are some things which I think you could improve upon.

1. Limited functionality: If all I have to do is create a css form there are pretty of examples on web.
in your forms There should be options for different colors, fonts
2. The form does not do anything except generating HTML and css what about extending it to submit it. So your form becomes dynamic
3. You can do undo and redo buttons

Overall rating 5/10
You can make it into a nice product but for that a lot of work is required.
I am a software developer myself so i know you have done a good work on it but really if i were
to use your forms i would want php contact form generator to be more functional and should give me lot of options in terms
of design.

A: Thank you for your interest in our products.
The Color and font options have already been added.

Please, try full functional version of Formoid. It allows to use your own server and our server-side PHP code (backend).