impressive form maker

Formoid is a free desktop app that helps you easily create ajax form, javascript forms, bootstrap form validation, html contact form and more in a few seconds without writing a single line of code. Create wonderful online forms in just a few clicks.

I remember growing up searching tons of sites to make my own form

Q: I would write a review but their is no option on the page.
Some advice, the form creator is perfect, but you should get published.
When I go to download and install it says from unknown publisher and doesn't recommend me to download, but I know it’s safe so I did. Also, You should charge for this program.
Make a trial with a limit or just charge. Make some money =) unfortunately,
I don’t need the contact form html program for my hoster provides me with it on my website automatically but
I remember growing up searching tons of sites to make my own form and could never get the address problem correct,
getting customer emails to go to my email. So I gave up knowing it’s provided on a hosting website or this way, at least now I do.
I love Formoid. Thanks!

A: Formoid applications was free beta version. Now this application is free for non-profit organizations only.

If you use your own server for form you can change email address manually. In this case
you should find generated "form" folder, open .php file from this folder
("formoid.com_email"), find following line:

define('EMAIL_FOR_REPORTS', 'email');

and change the email.