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I miss a big thing like "live phpmail create"

Q: Hi
First, my english is not the best and so i make a pdf for the points i mean.
Nice tool, i like it! But there is work to make it better :)
I miss a big thing like "live phpmail create" for the form i create with the tool.
What can this tool do for me, what other tools can?t do?
Hmmm, ... i dont find a lot of points ... so you must make html form example attractiv for the users!
Test on:
Win XP Prof. SP3, 4 GB RAM, Lenovo ThinkPad, Intel i5 CPU
Really easy!
Benefit for the prof. user:
Benefit for the normal user:

1. The Width Field
Please, create a dropdown list for values like „.px“ and „%“ in the Width field and match it with
the number in the field “Width”. Comfort for the user.
After changing the value of Width, I must added “px” new!
There is no auto-filling like the fields in Photoshop … etc.
And there is no info box who told me that I can also use %
2. Elements of Input Text
OK, in the time of HTML5 … more options can be used …
3. The Button
For what is the “Button”?
4. Select and the Radio Buttons
Multi-Select will be cool! Where is the option “multible”? And the option “checked“ i
…. And some more things … Work on it … ?

A: Thank you for your interest in our products.
The Multiple select option has been already added. Please, try the latest version of Formoid.
We appreciate your other suggestions and will send them to our developer team.