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Formoid is a free desktop app that helps you easily create bootstrap forms, php forms, templates website, javascript forms and more in a few seconds without writing a single line of code. Create stunning online forms in just a few clicks.

First, REALLY like the product.

Q: Hello,

As a Beta product, I was VERY surprised to see there was nowhere or direction for entering bugs and other such problems/comments about the product. So, I am sending them here.

First, REALLY like the product. It appears to be a real winner! However, has a multitude of bugs/issues that make it unusable at this time:
1.On the Form - in the default size when opened, the rollover caption text from the Save HTML button "Save as HTML file" does not fully display.
2.The default directory for all Save functions is the Program Files directory which is protected space so the program will not save any forms.
3.The Save as HTML button does not function AT ALL so no way to use the product or test for real on web.
4.Since no functional save, the My Forms button works until you close the product and then when you reopen, the list is empty no matter how much work you put in (thus, I am limiting testing for now to prevent wasting my time).


A: Thank you for your interest in our product.

Please, try the latest full functional version of Formoid.