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Good if the form can employ multi-columns

Q: I received copy of Formoid beta download link from you. I downloaded it and tried it out. The following are my suggestions:

1. It will very good if the form can employ multi-columns
2. Though simple to use, however we have many extensions that can offer something as easy as that while still more advance. I recommend you make provision for advance users to incorporate anything they want into the form (like javascript etc). In line with this, I suggest you option to hide fields in the form which will be called on radio button selected or checkbox checked. Slight advance feature like this attracts people nowadays.
3. Make it excellent by including calculation feature. Forms as used by business oriented websites today is not only just to send a message or notify someone but the profession also enjoys creation of forms that can fetch data and carry out computation on two or more data and present results.

Those are what I have for now.
Keep the good effort.

A: Thank you for your interest in our products.
We've sent your request to our developer team.