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Formoid is a free desktop app that helps you easily create javascript form, jquery forms, php forms, jquery form validation and more in a few seconds without writing a single line of code. Create fancy online forms in just a few clicks.

Playing around with formoid and it looks really great

Q: Hello, I have to say that in playing around with it it looks really great, but I actually had a question for you.

Will this tool generate the necessary code for an e-mail submission when completed? I ask because this would be really huge and probably make it my new favorite tool. Hopefully this would work in a way that would work on Windows hosting as well as Linux? I am required to have Windows hosting for other things but would love to be able to use your tool to create my html form get. So, I guess my question is, is this all planned for the release of this product and will future Beta releases include these sort of features?

Thanks Again.

A: You can add a form on your page in 3 ways:

1. Use "Preview and test" button.

Your form will be saved and processed on our server. Backend on will make validation of submitted information and send it at email address that you specified in application. Your form will be saved into our database and you'll able to see it using "My forms" button in application window.
Notice that forms generated with Free version are accessible for you only and will be wiped out in 4 hours.
With Commercial license, the uploaded forms are accessible for everyone and can be shared or embedded on any website.

Click "Share" button and you'll find the code that allows you to insert a form into iframe, pop-up lightbox or open it in a new window.

You can use the link from the "Permanent URL" field to call your form by clicking on the button, a menu item or a text link ( tag).

2. Use your own server and our server-side PHP code (backend). You form will be saved and processed on your server in this case. Our backend make validation of submitted
information and send it at email address that you specified in application. If you want to use this method, click "Save HTML" button to export your form on a local drive.

To add a form to your page you should:
2.1. Upload "index_files" folder generated with Formoid app. on your php server.
2.2. Use link to index.php file (generated with Formoid) as link to your form. You can add this link to the button/menu item on your webpage or iframe.
2.3. If you want to add a form into existing page, you should:

2.3.1. Open generated "index.php" file from the saved folder in any text editor (for example, Notepad) or you can:

- open index.php page in any browser
- right click on the page
- select 'view source' of the page.

2.3.2. Copy Formoid shortcode and paste it in the place where you want to have a form (inside the BODY tags of your own page):


2.3.3. Copy PHP code from the beginning of "index.php" file and paste it in the code of your own page. This PHP code should be before <head>, <html> tags and the doctype declaration. For example:

<?php $form_path='index_files/formoid1/form.php'; require_once $form_path; ?><!DOCTYPE html>

Notice: if you want to use this method, your server should support PHP.

3. If you server doesn't support PHP, you can use Formoid app. to design the form appearance only. You should write a server-side script by yourself.
Use generated index.html file in this case.