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I’ve installed the Beta version and made some tests

Q: Hi,
I’ve installed the free Beta-test version and made some small tests, and I do understand very well that some of the effects are not yet available.
The overall use of the program is very easy, but:
1. Possibility to change the font and font color
2. Possibility to ‘Center’ the Static Header
3. Possibility to expand the Static Header with, at least, one extra line
4. I prefer at least one space between Radio Buttons and the text
5. I prefer at least one space between Checkboxes and the text
6. I prefer Element-labels in ‘Bold’, or at least the possibility to make it Bold.
7. It would be nice to have the possibility to add a ‘Separation Line’ between bootstrap form validation elements.
8. Bug? When I move an element up or down, using the mouse instead of using the ‘Blue Arrows’, the text disappears and the initial text ‘Options x’ is restored.
9. Bug? “Hover” texts are not shown
10. I miss the Help File
That’s it for the moment. I will continue exploring and inform you when I have some more suggestions.

A: Thank you for your interest in our products.

Most of the features such as font and font color, hint have already been added into the latest version of Formoid.

We appreciate your suggestions and will send them to our developer team.