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Croatian and it doesn't support

Q: I download a new software ...and It Ok but just few things.

1. When I look into code thete is no e-mail adress of recipient
What do I type in the url to get it to send to my e-mail?
I installed and tried to use the formoid.
I posted it to a site and tried it but when you hit submit, it goes to an error page. How do I tell the form what email address to send to?
2. I m from Croatian and it doesn't support all our caracters ŠČĆĐŽ - I can't written on button.
for example : Send = Pošalji so I need put Posalji that for now...

A: 1. Please, make sure that you specified a valid email address in Formoid app. Notice that PHP code processes a submitted information and sends emails. PHP code will not work on a local machine! To test this feature you should use "Preview and test" button (your form will work on our server) or upload Formoid files on your own server (your server should support PHP).

2. The problem with UTF-8 encoding was fixed in v.2.3. Formoid supports Croatian language now.