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Insert the mailto adress?

Q: Hi,
today I received your formoid form generator.
Nice little tool, congratulations :)
I just tried it out and I have two questions:

1. (it's just a note), I miss a reset button. (Maybe it's nut usual anymore...)
2. (more important) Where can I edit or insert the mailto address?
Maybe general a small help file would be helpfull...
Thanks and best regards from Germany

A: Thank you for your interest in our products.

1. We've sent your request to our developer team.
2. If you use your own server for form you can change email address manually. In this case
you should find generated "form" folder, open .php file from this folder ("formoid.com_email"), find following line:
define('EMAIL_FOR_REPORTS', 'email');
and change the email.

In case you use our server you can specify one email only which you placed for purchase
Formoid application.