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I miss a big thing like "live phpmail create"

First, my english is not the best and so i make a pdf for the points i mean.
Nice tool, i like it! But there is work to make it better :)
I miss a big thing like "live phpmail create" for the form i create with the tool.
What can this tool do for me, what other tools can?t do?
Hmmm, ... i dont find a lot of points ... so you must make simple contact form html attractiv for the users!
Test on:
Win XP Prof. SP3, 4 GB RAM, Lenovo ThinkPad, Intel i5 CPU
Really easy!
Benefit for the prof. user:
Benefit for the normal user:

1. The Width Field
Please, create a dropdown list for values like „.px“ and „%“ in the Width field and match it with
the number in the field “Width”. Comfort for the user.
After changing the value of Width, I must added “px” new!
There is no auto-filling like the fields in Photoshop … etc.
And there is no info box who told me that I can also use %
2. Elements of Input Text
OK, in the time of HTML5 … more options can be used …
3. The Button
For what is the “Button”?
4. Select and the Radio Buttons
Multi-Select will be cool! Where is the option “multible”? And the option “checked“ i
…. And some more things … Work on it … ?