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I am very impressed however i've run into two issues

Q: Hi,

I have found your form online and am very impressed however ive run into two issues. I'm using Joomla on a linux server with php v5.3
1) I have an input field with radio buttons in 5 columns. It shows perfectly on the test and on my local machine but once I use it within a joomla page it shows all the buttons in one column. This isn't that big a deal and just thought you should know
2) The main problem is that I cant seem to get the form to actually work. The page just refreshes to a blank form and doesn’t redirect as it is set to and doesn’t email me at all. Ive tried the HTML within joomla and as just a plain html page but the results are the same. If there is a server requirement im missing or something.
The form works on the test on the formoid server fine. which I assume confirms that the email address is ok.
My server has PHP v5.3 (ive also tested it with 5.2)
This is a pure html page on my current site where im currently testing it.
This is a different test server for my upgraded site wih the page where the form will eventually reside. (this is also where the check boxes stay in one column)
Both have PHP v5.3 enabled. Im a complete hosting/php newb but it does seem the PHP code isn't being used as it doesn't redirect afterwards either.

A: 1) Make sure that you specified a valid email address in Formoid app.

2) Notice that PHP code processes a submitted information and sends emails.
PHP code will not work on a local machine! To test this feature you should use "Preview and test" button (your form will work on our server) or upload Formoid files on your own server (your server should support PHP).