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Submit button did not work

To whom it may concern:
I tried out the form maker program and it did compile all the form code in the html file, but the submit button did not work.
I tried different email addresses (as "mailto:") and even put all the files on my personal (business) server, but it still did not work.
The help menu option did not work either, so that was of no help. All that being said, it was easy to put together a web form.
I know this is a Beta version, so I tried to not be too critical or harsh with my comments.
I was looking for a solution like this that would save time on the back end coding of a simple form.
As a user (tester), I did not appreciate having to log into my email account to then send a blank email to myself without
any free contact form html data at all from the form I just created. I was looking for documentation to guide me through this, but I couldn't find any.
Good luck.