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Nothing to handle the form submission

Got an email today regarding the new Formoid so I downloaded it and made a quick (very basic) contact form.
I realize that this is a beta, but here are a few things that I noticed at first glance.
I see that there is a place for ‘Hover Text’ but I do not see any hover text on the live form.
I also noticed that there is nothing to handle the form submission (form action).
Is this by design so you have to use your own code, or will the form handler also be included?
In the generated code, the stylesheet <link> and javascript <script> tags were located in the <body> below the <form> tag.
- Is there a particular reason for this? I can see the <script> being at the bottom, but have never seen the <link> in that position.
Will there be a feature to handle multi-panel or multi-page html submit form to email forms? That would be awesome!
Hope this helps.
- Brad